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Carp Fishing, my way of life !
My name is Harry and I'm born in March 1957 and have therefore appropriately the constellation of Fish. Crime scene it was oh-so-clean land between the Dinkel and Regge, called Twente, the land of the Tukkers in The Netherlands.
The country where our ancestors in the middle of the 19th century had the plan to dig a channel. The Twente Canal, for the then thriving textile industry and the supply of coal. It took until 1930 before these plans were realized. The Twentekanaal was dug with shovel and wheelbarrow! After a lot of sweat drops the Twente Canal was opened in 1938. It starts in Eefde, where he uitmond in the IJssel and runs through Lochem, Goor, Delden, Hengelo to the ending point in Enschede and has a branch to Almelo. This is the water where I get most of my passion, the CARP fishing, have exercised. I lost my heart to although there is no super monster carp swimming around. After all these many years I'm still not tired to catch carps in the Twentekanaal. I think that will also be up to my end of life no longer change. The Twentekanaal with its inhabitants has been a part of my life.
Many fish fun happiness, Harry

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Carp, Asian Carp, Silver Carp, Siamese Carp, Mirror Carp, Common Carp, Lether Carp, Cyprinius Carpio, Linear Carp, Fully scaled mirror Carp